Battlefield Acupuncture

This is a new acupuncture technique which is very effective for fast pain relief for any acute, severe and chronic pain in the body. Battlefield Acupuncture involves placing a maximum of 5 very short gold plated needles (they are more like studs than needles) in each ear. I use this technique for back/neck pains migraines and headaches and other disorders where fast pain relief is required.

The results can be quite amazing as recounted by Theresa in her own words:

“It was my wedding day and by the time I walked up the aisle late afternoon, my head was pounding with a severe headache despite taking painkillers during the day since waking up. Following the wedding service and 1 ½ hours into the reception I could not go on. My whole head and face was a mass of pain, I could barely focus to listen to my guests, I felt sick and suffering hot/cold sweats. All I wanted to do was lie down in a darkened room to try and get rid of the intense pain.

We lived a few minutes from the reception. My bridesmaid managed to get me out of the reception and my husband took me home where I swallowed more painkillers and lay down for 10 minutes. I then had no choice but to return to the reception as the guests were still waiting for the cake cutting and the bride/groom’s first dance.

I arrived back at the reception in the same state as I had left, the painkillers having had no effect. Rita found me in the hall lobby , extremely unwell and trying to face going back into the hall. She dashed home to get her needles and took me into a side room to put the needles in having asked me on a scale of 1-10 how much pain I was in. I told her it was definitely a 10 upwards. She put the needles in each of my ears and within a couple of minutes the pain reduced down the scale to a 2, enabling me to go back to the reception , cut the cake, and dance the first dance.

I can honestly say that Rita and her needles enabled me to enjoy the evening and dance the night away. This sceptic has been converted and I would not hesitate to recommend this pain relief, it saved the day for me.”

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