Scalp Acupuncture

Modern scalp acupuncture is a more recent addition to the vast field of acupuncture knowledge and technique.

Scalp acupuncture applies needles to specific areas of the scalp to treat cerebral disease. The needles are inserted into the skin layers surrounding the scalp over the area that is affected.

I learned scalp acupuncture from the legendary Dr Zhu and more recently I had the opportunity to attend a course given by the eminent Dr Tianjun Wang.

It was invented and developed by combining the knowledge and techniques of traditional acupuncture with modern science and the physiology and anatomy of the nervous system.

In modern medicine, scientific study of the brain has produced many important achievements and the functional division of the cerebral cortex is one of them. Different areas of the cerebral cortex are involved with movement of the body, analysing sensations, speech, hearing, visual sensations and balance.

Even ancient physicians found that stimulating the scalp with needles produced therapeutic effects for diseases of the brain.

Scalp acupuncture can assist neurological symptoms, post stroke symptoms, numbness, paralysis, tremor, vertigo, and many more.

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