The point of acupuncture

acupunctureAcupuncture is a safe, effective and holistic treatment for a wide range of conditions. It can help restore balance and promote physical and emotional health and well-being.

As an added benefit, a picture of the iris of your eyes can be taken and analysed using Iridology, giving you information about your unique genetic strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunity to prevent future illness and maintain your optimum health.

Are you looking for:

• Pain relief – Back Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pains, Joint Pains, Headaches, etc.
• Fertility and IVF – Natural Conception, Assisted Conception, IVF Protocols, etc.
• Women’s health – Periods, Pregnancy, Hormones, Menopause, etc.
• General well-being – Stress, Tiredness, Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, etc.
• Scalp acupuncture – Brain related disorders, neurological conditions incl. post stroke symptoms, numbness, paralysis, etc.
• Acupuncture and Cancer – Help dealing with the effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.
• Battlefield Acupuncture – Fast pain relief for severe acute and chronic pains anywhere in the body
• Japanese Acupuncture – A very gentle treatment for those worried or anxious about needles
• Cosmetic Acupuncture – Facial rejuvenation – the secret of younger looking skin
• Many more…… – Check out what else can be treated with acupuncture

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